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PEB component – Creative Building Solution

Creative Building Solution

C & Z Purlin

CREATIVE Purlins is a structural component, C&Z Purlins are processed Cold roll-formed from high Tensile steel coil to use as support for framed structures. They are designed to use as secondary support for roofing and cladding application. They are light weight, high tensile, efficient and economical requiring minimum maintenance and will last for longer period. It is available in customized length & it saves more than 30% of the steel by weight.

CREATIVE Purlin is cost effective in comparison to conventional structure element: channel section, angle section and tubular section.

Bay Spacing CREATIVE Purlin Tubular Section Hot rolled Channels Angle Section
(m) Section Wt (Kg/m) Section Wt (Kg/m) Section Wt (Kg/m) Section Wt (Kg/m)
2500 Z10010 1.75 Tube 70*3 3.22 ISMC 75 6.8 100*100*6 9.2
3300 Z15015 3.56 Tube 90*3 4.16 ISMC 75 6.8 100*100*6 9.2
3800 Z15015 3.56 Tube 90*4 5.53 ISMC 100 9.2 100*100*6 9.2
4250 Z15015 3.56 Tube 100*4 6.15 ISMC 100 9.2 130*130*8 15.92

DL=0.1 KN/m2, LL=0.75 KN/m2, WL=1.6 KN/m2 (V=47m/sec), Purlin spacing =1.40 m

Note: Above table is intended for comparison only, and is not a substitute for professional judgment. Please contact Oriental professional Engineer for design purpose.

Purlin Zinc Coating (g/m2) Thickness (mm) Depth (mm) length (m)
Z10010 120 1 102 6
Z15015 120 1.5 152 6
  • Light weight and strong
  • Greater spanning capability
  • Zinc coating to provide longer life
  • No welding at site
  • No painting required after installation
  • Lower maintenance cost
Joint Detail of Z & C Purlin Section.

Steel Deck Sheets (Mezzanine Floor)

Steel deck is made by cold forming structural grade sheet steel into a repeating pattern of parallel ribs. The strength and stiffness of the panels are a result of the shape of the ribs and the material properties of the steel. The present version of the Indian Standard for Cold Rolled Cold Annealed (CRCA) steel (IS 513) is not rich in content in respect to the structural applications that CRCA steel has been witne~sing in the country. With hot rolled (HR) Steel long available in grades like Yst 240 and Yst 310 for processing into CR ste~l, the exclusion of structural grade steel from IS 513 remains an enigma. Indian steel manufacturers also make Yst 550 grade of HR and thus availability of high tensile structural steel is a reality for structural grade CRCA material.

Application .

Steel deck for mezzanine floors . Tensile steel for composite slab construction that cuts down on slab thickness and dead weight of buildings. No separate formwork required for slab casting. . Form deck / sacrificial shuttering

 Available Thickness . 0.8 mm, 1.0mm , 1.2 mm.1.5mm

 Available Finish . CRCA and Galvanised.

Self Driling Screw & Other

Rainwater Systems & Accessories

Creative offers wide range of accessories and rain water systems to meet the customers expectation. The accessories are designed to take care of the purpose of the clients and to meet the aesthetic appearance. It provides an effective and efficient system providing total roofing solutions to the clients.

Accessories are also available in small , medium , heavy and customized sizes as per client’s requirements

Ridge Caps : Ridge Caps are available in similar colors as that of profile sheets.

Self Drilling Screw

Hot dipped galvanized with high durable protective triple coated, Self Tapping Screw (STS) Self Drilling Screw (SDS) to suit domestic and industrial roofing in customized colors matching your colorful roof

Use recommended fasteners only. Poor quality fasteners can damage the sheets in the long run as corrosion of the components may get transferred to color coated metal sheets.

For fixing SDS Screws

Use Torque adjustable electronic gun screw driver with a capacity of 500 w and @ 2000 – 2500 rpm.

The below dimensions indicated are approximate with the usual tolerance applicable
Crest fixing for Trap Profile < 0.80mm TCT SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 55mm long DTSS
For Cladding Valley Fixing < 0.80mm TCT SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 25mm long
For Corrugation < 0.60mm TCT SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 45mm long or 55mm long
For Tile Roof SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 20mm long
For overlap Fixing SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 20mm long
For Accessories

Turbo Ventilators

Creative wind ventilator has introduced and promoted wind ventilation as a ‘New Concept’ in India with the twin objectives of power conservation in places where power is available: and ventilation in places where power is not available.

Creative Building Systems has engineered Wind Ventilators . Once installed, wind ventilators get rid of recurring electricity charges associated with conventional systems providing round-the-clock ventilation, are maintenance-free, and eliminate chances of electrical short circuits. They also save on labor required to operate conventional systems.

2Ventilator Size24″
3Ventilator Height400MM
4MOC of VanesAluminium 0.45 mm
5MOC of Top PlateAluminium 1.0 MM
6MOC of Bottom RingFRP
7Weight of Ventilator6.5 Kg
8Center Width of Ventilator750 MM
9Dia of Bottom Ring24″
10Nos of Vanes42
11Thickness of Vanes0.45
12Nos of Bearing2 Nos.
13Bearing TypeSKF make ZZ 6001
14RivetsAl-magnisium Alloy
16Shaft & Connecting RodSS
17Bolts & NutsGalvanised steel
20Discharge capecity @6MPH95000Cft/Hr